Views of the Lodge – December 23, 2015

The Lodge rooms open December 31st, and final preparations are giving the rooms a finished feel. In addition to the rooftop cabins, we have 5 rooms on the main floor and 2 hostel rooms in the basement. Today I took photos of the 4 rooftop cabin rooms and the rooms on the main floor. They are labeled according to name, so let me identify each room: Main floor: The Cass The Benedict The Kasem The Varney The C.W. Moore Rooftop cabin rooms: Twilight Starlight Moonbeam Sunrise … [Read more...]

Rooftop Cabin Beds/Planters/Bike Shed

All 4 of the rooftop cabin beds, made from the lathe that came from behind the plaster walls, are now installed. The beds were designed and handcrafted by Chad Dickinson of Dickinson by Design, and they are truly works of art. Soon fabric will be added to partitions on the headboards and of course mattresses and bedding. Take a look, also, at the planters that are outside of the cabins, on the decks. On the ground, around the corner from the elevator tower, is our new bike shed. It's spacious enough to hold a couple dozen bikes. Here are the pictures from this week's progress. … [Read more...]

The State of Things in early November, 2015

All of the residents have settled in for a few months now, so we have been turning our attention to the next component of the El Moore, the Lodge. The Lodge is comprised of nightly-rental rooms, 11 in all. Four reside on the roof, five are on the first floor, and two are shared space in the basement. We have purchased beds for our first-floor rooms and have begun to assemble our mattresses and box springs. We have also been collecting desks, nightstands and chairs from various sources for the rooms. Carpets are down, lamps and clocks have been purchased, shower curtains are up, and the rooms are developing a cozy intimacy. Outside, we've been working on the bicycle shed for our residents. Our rooms will be available beginning on December 26th, 2015. Please see our Reservations page for … [Read more...]

The metal workers

Gabriel and Amy Craig, owners/founders of Smithshop in Corktown, seem to have metal in their blood, which you'd think would be kind of painful until you take a look at how that particular condition has affected their artwork. You never quite knew what metal could do until you see what the two of them can do with the metal that they do. “Basically we make just about anything out of metal,” said Amy. Take the railings of the El Moore, for example, the ones you can see gracing the balconies of the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th floors. They probably look like the original railings that were there more than  a century ago when the El Moore was first built, and in a way they are. But then not quite... “The railings are actually a restoration of the original. Probably about 20 percent of them are … [Read more...]

More Furnishings for the Hostel Rooms

We've been working to furnish our main floor hostel rooms with period furniture. We've begun acquiring some beautiful pieces, some of which I photographed last week. Here are some more. One piece requires a bit of explanation. The headboard with the top rollers comes from the Green Garage. It was an old rolling door that was found in our attic. It has now been resurrected as a headboard for one of our beds. Take a look at our most recent acquisitions. … [Read more...]

Sam the builder

Meet Sam. Sam builds things. Designs things, too. Very nice things, in fact. At heart, Sam is an artist. It shows. For nearly a year now, Sam has been expressing himself through the El Moore, and the El Moore is much better because of it. Because of Sam. Take a close look at the walls in the cabins. Or at some of the fixtures. Take a look at the bunk beds in the basement. Tom is in the building even when he’s not. Sam first got involved with the El Moore by becoming somewhat of a regular at the weekly community lunch held every Friday at the Green Garage. He met Adrienne, who works for Red Panda, one of the businesses-in-residence there, and they became friends. Soon he met Tom Brennan which, as these things tend to happen, led to some further discussions which eventually led to him … [Read more...]

Building Update – Week of September 21, 2015

Here's a pictorial summary of some of the latest updates to the building. The focus of the work now centers on the lodge rooms. The lodge rooms exist on 3 floors: the rooftop, the first floor and the basement. Take a look at our latest work. … [Read more...]

How to dream the perfect bed

First of all, they’re not just beds. Because just beds are just something that folks just sleep on when they get tired. Most folks don’t pay much attention to their beds because most beds aren’t built for attention. They’re, well ... they’re just beds. But anyone who has had the opportunity to take a look at the beds constructed for the cabins in the El Moore has quickly realized that these structures are works of art. True, they are functional pieces that serve a useful purpose (because sleep, most would agree, is fairly useful), but they most certainly are not just beds. These are custom beds designed to, quite possibly, design custom dreams. But only those who have slept in them will be able to attest to that. And although the beds were technically designed by Chad Dickinson, … [Read more...]