The El Moore prepares for guests


I’m told that it won’t be long, but then I’ve been told a lot of things over the years. But this time, I have reason to believe what I’m being told is the truth. I mean, look at me.

I’m more than 100 years old, which may be young in Europe but definitely qualifies for senior citizen status on this side of the pond. Which means that I should be showing quite a few cracks and breaks. I should be wheezing. In a foul mood. Tired.  Excused for saying totally inappropriate things at all the wrong times. And yet…

Look at me.

I’m all dressed up and nowhere to go, but then I’ve never been anywhere to begin with. Whatever is happening in the world out there, and whoever is making it happen, has always had to come to me in some form or fashion. Before I was forced to close my doors, I relied on my tenants to tell me what was going on. I would constantly eavesdrop on their conversations to glean whatever tidbits I could about the goings on in the outside world that they were so fortunate to see. Then I was forced to shut myself down for a number of years and in many ways it was as if I were partially blind. I could see the same old things around me day after day, with slight variation here and there, but the absence of input from the outside world made me feel as if I were shrinking somehow. The pigeons and other birds were nice, but they couldn’t be counted on to bring news of world events.

But come springtime, all that will change. Company is coming, and I believe they will be coming from all sorts of interesting places. Some will stay and make me their home, while others will park here for a bit, then move on to new horizons carrying their new experiences of Detroit with them to share and, hopefully, enlighten.

Enlightenment and El Moore. Those two go together pretty well, don’t you think?