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Month: December 2014

The Voice of Detroit Neighborhoods: Midtown as a Planned Mixed-Use Neighborhood

As Detroit once again rises and experiences growth, rebirth, and reconstruction in many areas of our City, including the near-completion of the El Moore , we are experiencing how Detroit is attempting to balance the maze of freeways that cut through our neighborhoods and the goal of many neighborhoods to become more walkable and pedestrian-friendly. …

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The Voices of Detroit: Neighborhood Rising Summit

ARISE Detroit! is a coalition of community groups primary focused on improving the neighborhoods of the City of Detroit, including volunteers from the El Moore in Midtown. According to Luther Keith, Executive Director of ARISE Detroit!, the goal of the organization is to unite the entire volunteer efforts of our Detroit community, including nonprofit organizations, churches, schools, …

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A close-up look at Cass Farms

Local history and architecture nerds, rejoice! While doing some web research on A.C. Varney, the original architect of the El Moore (1898), we discovered a remarkably detailed document about the history of our neighborhood that we’ve never seen before. We thought you might like to have a look, too. The unassumingly titled Historic and Architectural Resources of the Cass Farm …

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Where Did Everyone Go?

  It has been well publicized. Decades of severe loss of population, an under-performing public school system, an economy heavily dependent on just one industry, abandoned homes, crime out of control (including the infamous title of the nation’s murder capital). Yes, I’m referring to Washington D.C. a few decades ago. OK, well, maybe it has not been …

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What’s In a Name?

Well, apparently, a bit more than we thought. In an earlier post, we introduced readers to Charles W. Moore, the person who, for $24,000, funded the construction of the El Moore apartments in 1898.  After a bit more research, we discovered that there were, in fact, two Charles W. Moores who lived in Detroit during that …

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