Where Did Everyone Go?

  It has been well publicized. Decades of severe loss of population, an under-performing public school system, an economy heavily dependent on just one industry, abandoned homes, crime out of control (including the infamous title of the nation’s murder capital). Yes, I’m referring to Washington D.C. a few decades ago. OK, well, maybe it has not been […]

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Goals for Sustainability at the El Moore

To maintain the ‘Triple Bottom Line’ the El Moore development team approached multiple areas within the bottom line categories of environment, economic and community to set specific goals. These goals are area specific and purposefully try to positively affect the building’s sustainability through certain actions. The areas being approached for development are Energy, Waste, Water,

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What’s in the Name “El Moore”?

Let’s for a moment dive into the naming of the El Moore. As Keith Owens pointed out in an earlier post, the Spanish word “el” in El Moore is apparently referring to the building’s Spanish Architecture. By the way,  I am entering a delicate area of naming the El Moore’s architectural style. Some would call it Romanesque, others would say Spanish Medieval or Late Gothic Revival. This could

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An introduction to sustainability and the El Moore project

The El Moore building project is a great example of sustainable development. However the term, “Sustainable Development”, has a fairly wide definition, and can mean many different things to many different people. The most widely accepted definition comes from the Brundtland Commissions 1987 report and defines sustainable development as, “development which meets the needs of

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