About Pamela Hilliard Owens

Pamela Hilliard Owens, M.Ed. is excited to add a "Native Detroiter Voice" to the El Moore Writing Project. She is the founder, CEO, and Head Writer/Editor/Publisher/Marketer for three global companies headquartered at the Green Garage in Detroit, Michigan: Writing It Right For You (http://writingitrightforyou.com), Detroit Ink Publishing (http://detroitinkpublishing.com), and Your Business Your Brand Creatively (http://yb2csystem.com). She works with her husband, award-winning writer and journalist and musician, Keith A. Owens (http://keithaowens.com). Keith and Pam live in a 100-year-old home in the Historic Boston-Edison District a few miles north of the El Moore.

The Dalgleish Cadillac Water Tower Finds a New Home at the El Moore

The El Moore building, built in 1898, has seen its share of economic ups and downs in Detroit over the years. The Great Recession, which officially lasted from December 2007 through July 2009, was the worst economic time for the United States since the Great Depression of the 1930s. The U.S. auto industry and the City of Detroit were particularly hard hit by both the 2007/2008 mortgage crisis and the near-demise of two of the “Big Three” U.S. car companies in 2008/2009. General Motors Corporation (GM) was the largest recipient of the government restructuring package, and the company was forced to close many dealerships, including Dalgleish Cadillac in Detroit, GM's first Detroit Cadillac dealership, and also its last Detroit Cadillac dealership. Dalgliesh Cadillac closed its doors on … [Read more...]

Walking Around the El Moore: The Children’s Center

The Midtown neighborhood where the El Moore is located is a wonderful mix of residential units, cultural venues, business and retail establishments, entertainment stages, religious institutions, and social services agencies. Just one block from the El Moore is The Children’s Center, a specialized clinical services facility with a staff that works with children who have behavioral, emotional, educational, intellectual, and developmental challenges, as well as those who have experienced trauma. The mission of The Children’s Center, as stated on its website, is “To help children and families shape their own futures.” As we all know by now, the Midtown/Cass Corridor area has a very long and rich history and the same can be said for The Children’s Center. It was founded in 1929 by then United … [Read more...]

El Moore Guests Become El Moore Residents

The El Moore building, now a sustainably restored and operated residential apartment building and urban lodge, has stood watch over the corner of 2nd Avenue and West Alexandrine Street in Detroit Michigan since 1898. Today, the El Moore Lodge offers guests from near and far a unique range of beautiful accommodations, a sustainable urban guest experience, and unsurpassed customer service right in the heart of Detroit in the walkable and bikeable Midtown/Cass Corridor area near Wayne State University. Many guests to the El Moore Lodge are actually local residents who desire a non-traditional bed-and-breakfast type stay for a few days, just to experience the diverse offerings of the City of Detroit. Some guests know what will see and do when they stay at the El Moore Lodge, while others are … [Read more...]

The “Hidden Children” of the Cass Corridor: The Cultural Roots Art Camp

The El Moore, a sustainably restored apartment building and lodge originally built in 1898, is located in the Midtown Detroit Neighborhood, which is also still very fondly called the “Cass Corridor” District. Midtown Detroit also includes another one of Detroit’s “Jewels,” the Detroit Cultural Center, which is a nationally designated historic district that contains several museums, libraries, Wayne State University, art galleries, and other historic residential districts. All of the venues, attractions, and developments in the Detroit Cultural Center are within walking and biking distance of the El Moore. Keeping in the theme of the Detroit Cultural Center, an arts activist and teacher, Ms. Makini Ahket, has for the past several years run a “Cultural Roots Art Camp” in the large yard of … [Read more...]

The Yoga Epicenter of Detroit is Right Around the El Moore

The El Moore, a sustainably rehabilitated and operated residential apartment building and urban lodge, is a beautiful oasis located in the heart of Midtown Detroit. Situated at 624 West Alexandrine at 2nd Avenue, the El Moore is close to freeways and the nearly completed M-1 Rail line on Woodward Avenue, but just as importantly, is perfectly situated for walking and biking to the many amenities nearby. When you stay at the El Moore, either as a resident or as a guest, you will experience a perfect balance of serenity and community, but if you’re looking for some additional “Om” there are three excellent yoga studios within just a few blocks. Whatever your preferred style of yoga, all you need to do is grab your mat and head out to one of the beautiful nearby studios. All three studios … [Read more...]

The El Moore and Belle Isle: Nature in the City

The El Moore, a beautifully restored 1898 building that offers long-term and short-term sustainable urban living options, has experienced in its “lifetime” the same experiences of beauty, accessibility, decline, and new and ongoing restoration as one of the “jewels” of Detroit, Belle Isle Park. Both the El Moore and Belle Isle Park are shining examples of sustainability efforts and activities in Detroit. Belle Isle is a recreational island park located on the Detroit River between Detroit, Michigan USA and Windsor, Ontario, Canada. In the mid-1800s, there arose a movement to develop urban parks, and in 1845, the City of Detroit hired landscape architect Frederick Law Olmstead to develop and design Belle Isle. Mr. Olmstead also designed Central Park in New York City, but at approximately … [Read more...]

Biking Around the El Moore: Fun Times in the Motor City!

The El Moore, a sustainably-renovated urban lodge, apartment complex, and bed & breakfast originally built in 1898, is located in Midtown Detroit, Michigan. Yes, Detroit, the car capital of the world for more than a century. But wait! What’s happening on the streets of Detroit? Bike lanes! One hundred fifty miles of NEW bike lanes! Yes, Detroit, car capital of the world, can now also boast that it is now among the fastest-growing bike cities, according to the League of American Bicyclists, logging a 400% increase in bike riding from 2001 - 2014. At the El Moore, many residents and guests do not even own a car, preferring instead to get around our great city  using only pedal power. The El Moore has a beautiful covered bike shelter within the gated community that protects the bikes all … [Read more...]

Walking Around the El Moore: Goodwells Natural Food Market

Walking distance from the El Moore is a neighborhood organic food store that was founded before organic food stores were a “thing.” That describes the Goodwells Natural Food Store, which has been a staple (pun intended) in the Midtown neighborhood since the year 2000 when “Midtown” was still known as the “Cass Corridor.” Founded by James Wood, who now co-owns the store with his son Jason, Goodwells is one of those “already-here” Black-owned Detroit stores that has survived the good times/bad times/good times again (?) roller coaster without much fanfare and even less acknowledged during Detroit’s Renaissance Part Deux. Goodwell’s is located right next door to the nationally-known Avalon Bread and is part of the bustling corner of Willis and Cass Avenue. Although just a few years ago, … [Read more...]