El Moore sketch: Hard Hat Area

Danger - Hard Hat Area
Danger: Hard Hat Area — Sketch by Kevin Gardner

The early days of the El Moore, as captured by artist Kevin Gardner, reveal snapshot portraits that seem to highlight a certain mood that a photograph could never quite yield. For example  this image, “Danger: Hard Hat Area”, drawn from the vantage point of the alley located behind the building, offers a sparse yet focused view from the outside of the barbed wire fence looking up at the second floor and a portion of the stairway.

“The whole exploration of this was exploring different views and things like that. So this kind of captures part of this process, ” said Gardner. “Like the Green Garage beforehand being this slab of concrete, we’re seeing some of the barbed wire that eventually won’t be there. The construction part of it. It just captured a little moment in time” for the El Moore.

Kevin Gardner,  from K Creative, a Green Garage business-in-residence is the resident sketch artist for the El Moore.