Construction Update – Week of October 6, 2014

The greenhouse is the big news this week. Roof tiles (from a Boston Edison home) were added, and reclaimed steel windows began to give the building a distinct look.  Work continued this week in the alley, this time focused on drainage. Kelly Window installed the last few windows in the building, the long narrow windows in the elevator tower.

Take a look at what was happening in construction this week.

greenhouse showing roof

The greenhouse, with new windows and roof.


greenhouse windows

Close-up of greenhouse windows.


inside greenhouse

A view from inside the greenhouse.


greenhouse window opened

Showing a greenhouse window opened.


drainage in the alley

Establishing drainage in the alley.


bay window siding completed

Bay window siding completed.


find the man in the picture

Find the man in the picture.


hiding behind the electrical box

Hiding behind the electrical box.



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