Construction Update – Week of September 29, 2014

Many of the photos this week come from the top of the rooftop cabins. Jason persuaded me to get up on top of the cabins so we could see what is happening with the solar panels, and I slowly (and with great trepidation) made my way up the ladder. Up on top the roof is covered with a white Duralast membrane, the same membrane that covers the roof of the Green Garage. Settled on top of the membrane I found aluminum frames that will hold our panels. The views were spectacular, and I took advantage, knowing that I would likely never ascend to these heights again!

In other news, work continued this week digging out the foundation for the green alley that will be behind the building. Mike Mancini and his crew from Redford Cement poured a foundation for the entrance to the elevator tower, and poured cement for stairsteps within the tower. The trash/recycling center was beginning to take shape, and the greenhouse saw the addition of metal frames for its windows. Inside, work was taking place connecting up components of the geothermal system.

Here are this week’s photos.

solar panel stands on roof

Metal frames will hold the solar panels on the roof of the cabins

peggy on roof

Here I am climbing onto the roof of the cabins. It took 2 men to get me back down!

jason on roof

Jason showing us the view from the roof.


Joe Gallagher, the project’s sustainability manager.

new steps leading into elevator tower

New cement steps leading into the elevator tower make accessing the upper floors much easier.

geothermal connections

Bringing up the refrigerant lines from the geothermal heat pump to the air exchanger in one of the units.

siding on bay windows

Metal siding on the bay windows gives them a nice finish.


El Moore

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