El Moore

Jason Peet

I have always had a strong interest in architecture and the built environment of neighborhoods and cities. I made a decision to follow this passion in 2001 when I moved to Detroit and began to work on small development efforts in Midtown. Over the next 8 years I was involved in bringing new life to five unique and historic buildings in I became very active in Midtown as well as my own neighborhood of West Village. In 2010 I began working with the Green Garage where I’ve been able grow and broaden my impact from simply renovating buildings to helping build active and sustainable communities. This is work that I’m excited to be a part of as the El Moore takes shape.

Growing a Community

We hear the word community used a lot these days, so much so that it is often diluted to mean any situation in which a group of people are assembled.  But simply having a group of people working or living in close proximity to one another does not, by itself, create a community.  It’s only when meaningful relationships begin to […]

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