The paint-by-number- Jesus on the wall

Paint by numbers

At some point you really do have to have to ask yourself exactly what it was that the El Moore was (is…?) afraid of.

St. Benedict medals above every window. Crosses over every door. And now we have this “Paint by Number Jesus with Lambs” that was found hanging on a wall. Certainly there has to be a much deeper story behind this rather comforting image (or perhaps not, depending on one’s religious leanings or non-leanings), but so far no one seems to know much more about the picture other than it was hanging on a wall inside the building.

No one knows how long it’s been there, although since we do know for certain that it is a Paint by Number piece of artwork (an identical work was found available for $22.50 on then any hopes we may have had of donating it to the Detroit Institute of Arts have pretty much fizzled like the last drop of coffee on a hot stove.

But then I suppose that’s OK. Some pieces of artwork were meant for a museum. Others are meant just for us to keep, and for us to assign our own value.