Construction Update: Week of August 18, 2014

Most of the changes this week took place outdoors. Much of the property that will become the parking lot was cleared of brush. Part of the cyclone fence came down. Foundations were being built for the entrance to the elevator tower and the greenhouse, and inside the elevator tower the stairway was being constructed. I did get a chance to get downstairs to the basement and got some photos of the progress on the rooms that will be located down there (the laundry room, storage room and hostel spaces). Here are some things I saw this week.

geothermal drilling
Cribley Drilling Company digging one of the 8 geothermal wells that will be on the property.
greenhouse foundation
Building up the foundation for the greenhouse.
opening up space in the backyard
Opening up space in the backyard.
stairs in elevator tower
Stairs in the elevator tower.
a view down a hallway in the basement
A view down a hallway in the basement. All rooms in the basement have been insulated, including blue jean insulation in the ceiling.