Construction Update: Week of August 11, 2014

Ductwork. Electrical boxes. Insulation. Metal siding. Porcelain door knobs. These are some of the areas of consideration on the El Moore this week. This grand old building withstood a 100-year rainstorm beautifully. Two days later she stands proudly, basking in the sun of another cool summer day.

from the front

Let’s start with the rooftop cabins. The siding is nearly finished, and you can now see the beginnings of porches that will come from their doorways.

beginnings of a patio

Ductwork for the HVAC system is being added….


…but the big addition to the interiors this week is insulation. Cellulose insulation has been added to the walls.

cellulose in walls

Blue jean insulation is being added to the ceilings to help with soundproofing.

blue jean insulation in ceiling

For all of you archaeology fans, we had an interesting find. While digging out a foundation for the elevator tower entrance, we came across hundreds of porcelain door knobs, most likely the property of a previous tenant on the property. We can’t use them as door knobs (don’t have the hardware), so does anyone have an idea for how we can use them?

porcelain door knobs