El Moore Insights – Joe Gallagher

Some people have a knack for seeing treasure where others may only see trash. I like to think I am one of those people, although my adventures are usually limited to a thrift store or yard sale. When I am evaluating whether or not I need to rescue yet another piece of furniture, I am usually evaluating its bones -- because this will tell the story of how well the piece will ware over time. Joe Gallagher has a similar view when looking at a building. His primary responsibility with the El Moore project is making sure that the building performs according to its sustainability goals.  Joe has been working in construction since taking a temporary landscaping job in college while he was studying anthropology and archaeology (handy, I think, when working with historic buildings). Having had a … [Read more...]

El Moore Insights – Jason Peet

Some people walk by a construction project like the El Moore and wonder "What's inside the building?" When I walk by I always wonder "What's inside the people? Ever since I can remember I have always been fascinated with the people behind the scenes of  great works such as the El Moore Project. I, like you (I am assuming or you would not be reading this) appreciate the beauty of the building and am looking forward to experiencing the final result. However, I find myself curious about the experience of those who have been working on this long before there was a website/blog, etc. I want to know about the people who are helping to transition this building. What have they learned? What do they hope others will take from the El Moore?  How did they even come to be involved with such work? My … [Read more...]