Midtown/Cass Corridor changes in the news

In case you missed them, there were two interesting articles about the El Moore’s neighborhood that came out last week, one in Model D and one in the New York Times.

Both are thoughtful takes on a subject that our readers will know well: the significant and ongoing changes that continue to mark life in Midtown, née the Cass Corridor.

In Model D, Jon Zemke highlights a host of recent developments concentrated along Alexandrine Street, including the El Moore, that are reshaping the neighborhood, and (as Keith Owens frequently does here), he considers what they mean for long-term residents. Read it here.

Long-term resident Terrance Williams dances, as he has for three years, at the corner of Second and Selden. Photo by Marvin Shaouni Photography.

In the New York Times, meanwhile, Stacy Cowley covers an often-overlooked facet of Midtown’s ongoing revitalization: the responsive and ever-present Wayne State police department, which notably broadened its purview in 2009 to include the neighborhood surrounding the university. Read that one here.