Michigan’s Changing Seasons: Why We Love Them


Survey Says...
Survey Says…

Make no mistake; Michigan is not Palm Springs, nor is it South Florida. The sun most certainly does  not shine all the time, and a good portion of our days are cold ones. To everything a season, and Michigan most definitely has all four.

It’s that 365 days-a-year spirit that the El Moore‘s Seasons is expected to bring to the residents as well as the local community once it is completed.  A four-season, indoor/outdoor retail building that will be constructed along the northern end of the El Moore Gardens, the Seasons will service both the wider community and people attending events in the Gardens. With an entrance along 2nd Ave. and food vendor windows opening onto the Gardens, there will be a rotating assortment of local food vendors and retail options that will change with the seasons. Building construction is expected to begin later this year.

Occupants of the rooftop cabins and others occupying the higher floors in the El  Moore will be treated to one of Detroit’s most attractive views of the city from on high. Watching Detroit from this vantage point and how it changes from spring to summer, then fall to  winter, and then back again, will definitely offer a unique view of the Motor City.

Those of us who appreciate Michigan have long since learned how to appreciate – not simply endure – each of those seasons for what each of them has to offer. In Detroit, within walking distance of the El Moore, the Detroit Symphony Orchestra offers some of the finest musical offerings from a variety of genres and collaborations year-round. Summertime is full of free music and ethnic festivals. From Winterblast to the Detroit Jazz Festival, there is always something going on that is worth checking out, regardless of the season.

Four different seasons offer four different ways to experience a great city.