A sketch of turret windows


Bay windows
Kevin Gardner’s sketch of the El Moore’s turret window

“This is the first image that I did, and it’s more illustrative. I wanted this to be a sketching project, which is why I went back to my sketchbook. With this one, it probably took me about an hour, and I just wanted to focus on that turret. And so there’s a little bit of detail so far as the pattern of the brick goes, but I really just highlighted the windows and then the upper turret.”

So what was it about the turret that made it the first drawing?

“I don’t know. I kind of walked around, and there was a spot where I could sit across the street with my back up against the tree. So I sat there and looked, and I didn’t know where to start, you know? So I just started drawing. I wanted to focus on that, so I purposely kind of pushed it over to the side of the building, and I like how it fades out. I gave myself a time limit on it so this was how much detail I could get in during that time.”

What was your time limit?

“I think walking around, and then finally sketching this and completing it, it’s probably a two-hour process. I was figuring out the proportions for a half an hour, figuring out what I was gonna draw for a half an hour, and then actually drawing for about an hour.”

Kevin Gardner,  from K Creative, a Green Garage business-in-residence is the resident sketch artist for the El Moore.