Construction Update – Week of September 15, 2014

A lot of changes took place outside of the building this week. There was a lot of moving of the earth! In order to get our utilities connected underground, digging took place in the front of the building (to connect the gas line) and in the back, where a huge hole was dug to inspect our water sewer. The sewer that emerged was made of brick and completely intact. Progress was made on the greenhouse, also, and work took place to do a final clean up of the elevator tower.

Inside, the final insulation is being blown in, floors got patched and cleaned up and drywall began to define the rooms. Take a look at some of the work that took place this week.

digging gas line
Digging the gas line.
digging down to the water main
Digging down to the water main.
alley as dirt
The alley is down to dirt.


greenhouse 2
The greenhouse taking shape.
cleaning up the elevator tower
Cleaning up the elevator tower.
kenco insulation cabins
Team Kenco blowing insulation into the cabins.
insulation in cabins 2
Insulation in the rooftop cabins.
floors getting patched
Floors getting patched and cleaned up.