Construction Update – Week of September 1, 2014

Today we trudged back up to the rooftop cabins to view their progress, and took a look at the work being done on the elevator tower with the hopes that it will soon grant much easier access to the upper floors. The tower itself has begun to be connected to the cabins and inside more finish work is taking place. The cabins themselves are well insulated and ready for drywall. It’s amazing the amount of air that comes through these cabins when the doorwalls or windows are open! And the views continue to amaze.

We also took a tour of the apartment spaces, and here much of the grunt work is being done…things like finishes to HVAC, installation of individual water meters, more insulation and finally drywall. None of this is exciting to see, but it will all be important to those of us who will be spending significant time there, especially with a cold winter ahead.

Here are some of the photos of the week.


extension between elevator tower and roofop cabins
Extension between the elevator tower and a cabin.
view of greenhouse
A view of the greenhouse from the roof.
cleaning up floors
A first swipe at cleaning up the floors.
water meter
Each apartment will have its own water meter, and residents will be billed according to their usage.