Who was Charles W. Moore?


Mr. and Mrs. Charles Moore ca 1918
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Moore, circa 1918. DIA Research Library and Archives

It’s hard to designate any one specific point as the  definitive place to start when digging into and unraveling the history of the El Moore, so I’m just diving into the deep end of the river and grabbing onto passing items of interest to see where they take me.  Charles W. Moore, who constructed the El Moore at a cost of roughly $24,000 in 1898 (imagine that), definitely qualified as one of those items. Just from the little bit I discovered initially, which was the introductory segment of Moore’s papers, I can tell there will have to be a few more posts down the line to fill in the outlines of this particularly interesting individual, so be sure to check back as there is more to come.

But here’s some of what I found so far. I think you’ll see why this is someone I want to know a lot more about, and I bet you will too.

The El Moore