Voices of Detroit: Janet Webster Jones, Owner, Source Booksellers

With all of the recent discussions about the “new” businesses and residents now populating Detroit, often overlooked are the “old” businesses and business people that have been here in Detroit for decades, fighting, striving, surviving, and even thriving against great odds. Some of those odds have very little to do with Detroit per se, but are new national trends, such as the dearth and death of the traditional independent and corporate-owned bookstores due to the explosive growth of online options such as Amazon. But this IS Detroit, and as we all know by now, “Detroit Hustles Harder.” A Detroit business, an independent bookstore, no less, has been here for over twenty-five years, and is still here welcoming both “new” and “old” Detroiters to Midtown, and teaching the youngin’s how it’s … [Read more...]

WSU Police Chief Anthony Holt, it’s about the community Part 2

      The selection of Anthony Holt to become the Wayne State University Chief of Police was hardly something that just kind of happened. Because anyone who knows anything about the steady progress of Midtown over the years knows that there has always been somewhat of a plan, a method to the metamorphosis. Maybe it wasn’t all sketched out from beginning to end, but those who were determined for the Cass Corridor to be transformed into what it is today have been focused on this eventuality for decades, and the selection of Holt, who by any measure has been a remarkable success story since his appointment in 2008, was clearly part of the blueprint for Midtown’s continued success. Because it’s impossible to create a successful neighborhood if it is not perceived … [Read more...]

The Voice of Detroit Neighborhoods: Midtown as a Planned Mixed-Use Neighborhood

As Detroit once again rises and experiences growth, rebirth, and reconstruction in many areas of our City, including the near-completion of the El Moore , we are experiencing how Detroit is attempting to balance the maze of freeways that cut through our neighborhoods and the goal of many neighborhoods to become more walkable and pedestrian-friendly. While Detroit is still "Motown" and a city highly dependent on cars and freeways, the El Moore Community is part of the emerging pattern of neighborhoods in Detroit becoming mixed-use and diversity of income and demographics. The 2.9 square mile Midtown Detroit neighborhood is emerging as a vibrant walkable and bike-friendly area to live, work, and visit. Although the boundaries of Midtown are set by four separate yet linked freeways, … [Read more...]