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We’re proud to be recognized by TripAdvisor as a Platinum-level Green Leader. While the goal of our sustainability efforts isn’t to win awards but rather to do the right thing and reduce our environmental footprint, we appreciate that TripAdvisor is providing a way for travelers to make environmentally conscious choices.

New York Times – Detroit: The Most Exciting City in America?

November 2017 | Written by Reif Larsen

Midwest Living – Unique Retreats for Overnight Stays in Michigan

November 2017 | Written by Gary Thompson

TBD – Landmark Lodgings

July 2017| Written by Greg Tasker | Photos by Evan Gonzalez

“It’s a bridge between old and new,” Peet says. “(It) honors the building’s history as best you can. It honors the past 100 years but also looks forward to its next 100 years. It’s a marriage between the two — the true answer lies in between.”

Preservation Magazine – Detroit’s El Moore Building Gets an Eco-Friendly Rehab

Winter 2017 | Written by Courtney Balestier | Photos by Michelle and Chris Gerard

As part of its overall sustainable mission, the building produces much of its own energy from solar panels on the roof. The team’s goal is to use just 20 percent of the energy of a typical residential building, and they assess energy consumption each month to make sure they’re continuing to reduce the El Moore’s carbon footprint. A 4,250-gallon rainwater cistern and sub-parking-lot reserve collect water that’s used for landscaping. The El Moore also employs a geothermal heating system, which takes advantage of consistent ground temperatures to keep heating and cooling bills low.

Travel Channel – The World’s Newest Eco-Friendly Hotels

Written by Meredith Rosenberg | Photo by Marvin Shaouni

With Detroit on the rise, it’s no surprise that sustainable lodging has entered the picture. While the Midtown building isn’t new, it’s received an overhaul to include solar panels, geothermal heating and cooling and Energy Star appliances. In the 11 rooms you’ll find reclaimed subway tiles, natural light, and Naturepedic mattresses. Opt for a Rooftop Urban Cabin room if you want floor-to-ceiling windows, concrete counters and a bed made by local craftsmen.

goop – The Detroit Guide

November 2016 | Photo by Marvin Shaouni

[The El Moore’s] four rooftop cabins are supremely cool: While they afford a bird’s eye view of the city (a couple look toward Downtown and a couple into Midtown), the rustic cabins are really designed to recreate the experience of a North Michigan getaway, and each one feels like your own personal lodge.

Detroit Free Press – Hotel Prices Reflect Detroit’s Trendy Reputation

October 22, 2016 | By Ellen Creager

Model D – The Greenest Apartment Building in Detroit

June 13, 2016 | By MJ Galbraith | Photos by Marvin Shaouni

The El Moore is another in a growing list of sustainable projects in which the Brennans are taking part. In doing so, they’re demonstrating that not only are these developments environmentally sustainable and socially aware, but also economically viable. It’s not pie-in-the-sky thinking—the Brennans are proving that these projects work.

Strong Towns – Historic Buildings Get Newer, Greener Lease on Life

June 8, 2016 | By Rachel Quednau

Hour Detroit – Rooftop Retreat

April 22, 2016 | By Steve Wilke | Photos by Marvin Shaouni

The resurgence of Detroit’s Midtown isn’t just concentrated on Woodward Avenue. A few blocks west on Alexandrine Street near Second Avenue, a visionary project is making a functional — yet beautiful — statement about sustainable urban living.

Here, the 1898-era El Moore building has been reimagined and reinvented as a residential apartment building with a twist. It’s also a lodge welcoming out-of-town guests and locals looking for a unique staycation.

Model D – New hotel in Midtown offers sustainable stays and intimate access to the city

March 22, 2016 | By MJ Galbraith | Photos by Marvin Shaouni

The El Moore Lodge is a triple bottom line business, meaning that its been designed to meet social and ecological demands in addition to traditional financial ones. The building itself, built in 1898, was extensively renovated to meet the high sustainability standards of its owners, including a geothermal heating and cooling system and a super-insulated building envelope.

mLive – El Moore Lodge creates north Michigan escape five stories up in Detroit

February 23, 2016 | By Ian Thibodeau | Photos by Tanya Moutzalias

It’s big-city living and a small town escape inside the Moonbeam Cabin, one of the four cabin rooms at the El Moore Lodge in Detroit’s Cass Corridor neighborhood.

At five stories up, looking out the south-facing window toward downtown Detroit, the four-mile span of land between the river and the El Moore looks completely full of housing and life.

The New York Times – In Detroit, Cheap Eats, D.I.Y. Art and the Charm of Locals

October 1, 2015| By Seth Kugel

…I went to explore another one of the reinvented neighborhoods we had heard about, Cass Corridor. We chatted with gardening locals, visited a sculpture garden put up by Robert Sestok, an artist who has lived in the neighborhood since 1967, and admired El Moore, a gorgeous 1898 building recently reopened as sustainable, community-oriented apartment building; it will soon house a hostel.

Detroit Free Press – Detroit eyesore transformed into green living apartments

June 29, 2015 | By John Gallagher | Photos by Jessica J Trevino

Since its construction in 1898, the El Moore apartments in Detroit’s Midtown district has played many roles: a Gilded Age home for the well-to-do, a Depression-era boarding house, and, lately, a vacant eyesore.

Now it’s been remade in yet another – and perhaps its most hopeful – guise: Detroit’s most environmentally sustainable experiment in urban living.

Curbed Detroit – El Moore Rehab Now Includes a Greenhouse and Green Alley

November 10, 2014 | By Paul Beshouri

Restoration is humming along at El Moore, a historic apartment building slowly making its way back from abandonment. The basic plan is for El Moore to offer both apartments and hostel accommodations, including a handful of unique cabins on the roof. As if that wasn’t enough, the El Moore now has its own greenhouse (made from recycled materials, of course) and a new “green alley” out back.

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