El Moore Guests Become El Moore Residents

The El Moore building, now a sustainably restored and operated residential apartment building and urban lodge, has stood watch over the corner of 2nd Avenue and West Alexandrine Street in Detroit Michigan since 1898. Today, the El Moore Lodge offers guests from near and far a unique range of beautiful accommodations, a sustainable urban guest experience, and unsurpassed customer service right in the heart of Detroit in the walkable and bikeable Midtown/Cass Corridor area near Wayne State University. Many guests to the El Moore Lodge are actually local residents who desire a non-traditional bed-and-breakfast type stay for a few days, just to experience the diverse offerings of the City of Detroit. Some guests know what will see and do when they stay at the El Moore Lodge, while others are … [Read more...]

The First Year

Anne Cahalan and her cat Wobbles have lived at the El Moore for just over a year. She is an application developer for Detroit Labs, and enjoys baking, knitting, and hanging out in the parlor talking to Lodge guests.  One year and a couple months ago, I was starting to think about moving. My old place was not very conveniently located and was a little too big for just me and my cat rattling around. The space was amazing--a giant loft right on the river, with views of freighters drifting by--but the maintenance was spotty and I could always hear the couple next door arguing in the middle of the night. The only thing I truly loved was my neighbors, the Adragnas, who lived right across the hall. I had met Jeremy when we both worked at the Archdiocese of Detroit, and I remember the day he … [Read more...]

Thanksgiving Day Parade – Priceless

My grandson (Tamere, 5 years old) and I attended the Thanksgiving Day Parade along Woodward this year.  It was just the two of us.  Grandma and Grandson. He was very excited, asking all kinds of questions, including, "Will Santa be there?"  I told him that, "He certainly will be there, he is the last one in the parade."  This was a concern for him as he wanted to know, "Why does Santa have to be last?" I explained that Santa wants to make sure that all the people that want to see him will be there before he makes his appearance. For a November day in Detroit,  there was good weather for the parade, overcast but 50 degrees. So we left the El Moore at 8:45 AM and sauntered down Alexandrine to Cass, then over to Woodward and were right on time for the beginning of the parade. Not only … [Read more...]

My First 150 Days and Beyond at the El Moore

This was supposed to be about my first 90 days at the El Moore, but I was too busy enjoying all the summer activities, since I've moved to the El Moore, that I forgot to write this 90 days ago. Thus far, living here has been an experience that leaves me feeling absolutely delighted that I made the right decision in making this my home. Because it is home. Don't miss that big house at all. I made a trip back to the old neighborhood recently and it felt alien to me. I couldn't wait to get "back home." I'm making new memories here that I couldn't have imagined. My living space just about takes care of itself and gives me the opportunity to enjoy my environment and surroundings. It's so easy to care for the space that maintaining it is a breeze, and leaves time for just enjoying … [Read more...]

Skies Over the El Moore

There's so much development going on in Midtown Detroit that you may never think to look beyond the exciting hustle and bustle around the El Moore. But if you stop, take a minute and just raise your chin up a click or two, I guarantee you'll be shocked by the amazing beautiful skies that often hang over our ever-evolving neighborhood. Here's some of what I see from my wonderful little apartment with a view: Karen Batchelor is a resident of the historic El Moore in Midtown Detroit.  Moving here was -  and continues to be Karen's big adventure in innovative and sustainable urban living in her 547 square foot "Batchelor Pad". … [Read more...]

Halloween Returns to the El Moore

Now that the El Moore in Midtown Detroit has come back to life, opening its doors to residents for the first time in many years, we are creating ways we can come together as a community. I am Karen Batchelor, one of a small group of people honored to call the El Moore - Home. As we settle into our sustainable lifestyles in this historic building, we have had breakfast together, happy hour on occasion, and last week - our first Halloween gathering. Probably the first Halloween anything at the El Moore in decades. We began our spooky celebrations with a pumpkin carving several days before Halloween. You should have seen our lobby transformed into an efficient assembly line of scooping, designing, carving, laughing and all of us just plain having fun - Together. Well, actually you can … [Read more...]

Deep Porch Sitting

Since moving to the El Moore, I've been sitting on my porch most mornings with my coffee and laptop. I've made it a comfortable place to sit with my mom's wrought iron furniture and planted marigolds in pots for an added touch of color. The weather has been so beautiful and begs for that deep porch sitting. I have a good view of Second Avenue, the Community Garden, and the Green Alley. My second floor porch has also become perfect for an experience I had not expected. My porch sitting has become a forum for social interaction with people passing by. I think the building itself draws them there. Then they see the bright colors of my porch furniture and flowers and some are surprised to see me sitting there when I greet them. Curiosity draws people to the building because of its grand … [Read more...]

The Big Move

When I made the decision to finally give into the fact that I no longer needed a 3-bedroom colonial with a basement, garage and all that goes with home ownership, it occurred to me that I still wanted to be in the city. The suburbs give me the feeling of isolation and I would need to drive just to get a loaf of bread or milk. However, safety was also a very important factor. Alexandrine and Second is not a location that I would have thought that I would be living. Yet here I am, at the El Moore Apartments, on that very corner for the past month. It was in a conversation with the Green Garage about my house that brought the El Moore to light. It has provided the things that I wanted and some I didn't know I needed. My two bedroom apartment is one … [Read more...]