Podcast: Stories of the El Moore – The Elevator Tower

The decisions leading to the elevator tower being built on the west side of the existing historic El Moore building is probably one of the most challenging design aspect of the entire renovation project.  This podcast shares our design thinking that lead to the eventual design.  It shows how triple bottom-line thinking can lead us to a more holistic design and new possibilities.   The picture shows the elevator tower still under construction; more to come.   Thanks for caring...thanks for listening.  Please share your thoughts with us....we're listening too.   https://soundcloud.com/el-moore-detroit/stories-of-the-el-moore-episode-2-the-elevator-tower-1 … [Read more...]

Stories of the El Moore – The Architect

Please join me in a conversation with Ted Berlinghof, the architect behind our El Moore project. Ted shares some of his insights regarding our grand castle and a particularly interesting story on how one would have previously been instructed to exit the building in case of a fire - just a clue, this method would certainly not have passed building code today :) https://soundcloud.com/el-moore-detroit/ted-berlinghof-short-01         … [Read more...]

The Greenhouse – Using Our Past to Build Our Future (podcast)

This episode of our podcast series Stories of the El Moore shares the stories about the new Greenhouse building at the El Moore project in Detroit.  It is part of a larger project to explore the nature of sustainable urban living centered on an 1898 abandoned apartment building in a small neighborhood in Detroit.  It describes how our future is being built from materials of our past.  Covering the specific steps used  to design a "new" building using reclaimed materials for other buildings being torn down or deconstructed  in Detroit.  We also share how the design of the Greenhouse was part of creating a more walkable neighborhood.  This was recorded in front of a live audience at the Green Garage in Detroit.  Thanks to all who attended and support our … [Read more...]

Rooftop Cabins – What were you guys thinking?

The Rooftop Cabins, perched atop the historic El Moore building, may be the most creative and controversial element of our renovation project.  In Episode 1 of our podcast collection, "Stories of the El Moore," we explain the series of decisions that led to the current design of the Rooftop Cabins, even how they got their name.  We cover all this from a triple bottom-line viewpoint...that is, addressing economic, community and environmental needs.  We are continually trying to find the innovative balance between all of them.   Take a listen, let us know what you think.   https://soundcloud.com/el-moore-detroit/stories-of-the-el-moore-episode-1-rooftop-cabins             … [Read more...]