Michel Soucisse

I am a native of Quebec, Canada and a Detroit resident since 2005. I've worked primarily in hospitality in the city, managing Hostel Detroit through its first two years and for the last two years, Mudgie's Deli in Corktown. I am a sculptor, painter, photographer and writer. I'm a budding wine enthusiast, a helluva' good cook and a dazzling conversationalist. I am also the very BEST at being modest.

When the plan leaves the page

When I began working at the El Moore last March, its sustainable renovation was nearly 90 percent complete. Its three floors of annual residential apartments were already beginning to receive many of their finishing touches. I began by participating in early policy building, aesthetic group design sessions and happily helping out with decisions on things as varied as: What …

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Urban Cabins Part 2: Not a map — a compass

This is part two in an ongoing series about the El Moore’s rooftop cabins. Read Part 1 here. I feel silly in retrospect looking at all those fashionable headboards and hotel furniture without asking myself some fabulously important questions: What are the Urban Cabins? Where do they come from? What do they do? When Tom Brennan suggested the …

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Urban Cabins Part 1: You can get there from here

Now that the first wave of residents have moved in and are beginning to make the El Moore a home again after all these years, attention is turning slowly and surely to the Lodge. I will admit to a certain level of anticipation about the next task: Lodge design and appointments. Figuring out how everything will look and work, finding suppliers, …

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