Matthew Piper

Matthew Piper works at the Green Garage, helping to grow, connect, and support the business-in-residence community there. He's also a freelance writer and editor. On the El Moore project, he's serving as a creative editor and occasional author.

A close-up look at Cass Farms

Local history and architecture nerds, rejoice! While doing some web research on A.C. Varney, the original architect of the El Moore (1898), we discovered a remarkably detailed document about the history of our neighborhood that we’ve never seen before. We thought you might like to have a look, too. The unassumingly titled Historic and Architectural Resources of the Cass Farm …

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Back to Earth: El Moore sandstone in the UP

A few weeks ago, my husband and I enjoyed a long, restorative weekend in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, where we camped, hiked, and took in the magnificent sights, including Tahquamenon Falls and the Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore. The immensity of Lake Superior, the lushness and density of the forests it nourishes, and the humbling scale of the region’s …

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Meet the named neighbors of the El Moore

One of my favorite features of the El Moore is its name, carved from the stone above its historic entrance in an ornate, exotic font that perfectly complements the building’s Spanish Medieval style. This is a small detail that makes a big difference, helping define the El Moore as more than just a building — it’s the El Moore, a distinctive place …

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El Moore or E.L. Moore?

Imagine our surprise and delight when we happened upon this June blog post referencing the El Moore development in, of all places, a model railroad building blog called 30 Squares. What, we wondered, does model railroad building have to do with our sustainable rehab of a historic Detroit apartment building? It turns out that the answer’s all in the name. Our railroad …

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lodge update

Due to the spread of Covid-19, please note that the Lodge is accepting reservations from Michigan residents only at this time. We made this difficult decision with the safety of our community in mind. More details

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