Benches arrive at the park

Benches have arrived at the park! The bases came from the old Dalgleish Cadillac water tower’s legs, and were built by Disenos (a Detroit metalworking company).  The wooden slats came from white oak sustainably harvested by Pollum’s Natural Resources in Lapeer, Mi. Below are two views of the benches in the park.

View of the park from above.


New benches.

You’ll also find a couple of the benches inside the entrance tank.

Benches inside entrance tank.

We also have the beginnings of the new kiosk, located just outside the entrance tank. Once again, materials from the Dalgleish water tower were used in its construction.

Beginnings of the kiosk.

Finally, an early user of the benches sits munching on a seed pod from one of our bottlebrush buckeye bushes. Now that the garden is in, the wildlife have found us!

A morning snack on the benches.