Photo update of the park

The El Moore’s adjacent park, named El Moore Greens, is under construction, and we thought this would be a good time to give you a photo update. Let’s start with the view from above.

Here’s a view of the park as it is framed out. The center will be grass, bordered by a gravel pathway. The 4 corners of the grass area currently have foundations for what will be circular stone benches and planters.

Outline of the park from above.

While we’re viewing things from above, here’s a photo of the retail building, with the solar panels on the roof and pergolas extending from all sides.

View of retail building from above.

Back down on the ground, here’s a shot of the park as seen from one of the corners. The bricked-in planter will contain flowers. The round concrete object will hold another planter, around which will be a concrete bench.

Ground view of the park.

Bench frames ready for wood came from the tower part of the Dalgleish Cadillac water tower. This same material was used for the fire escape in the back of the El Moore building. The benches will line the recessed areas of the park.

Bench frames. 

Compost ready for spreading over the lawn area.

Below are a couple of photos of the old Dalgleish water tank in its new resting place, at the corner entrance to the park.

Dalgleish water tank, a.k.a. the new entrance to the park.
The view from inside the tank.