Open windows on our world

The Greenhouse at the El Moore is a nascent, wondrous, window-filled place. Its windows, in fact, are what make it such a grand place for growing. They are what make the greenhouse so porous, so special and so intriguing. They allow so much light in–the first rays of daybreak grace its repurposed wooden (even more porousness!) interior. Most importantly though, it lets you and me in. Where most greenhouses are for growing and maintaining plant life, our Greenhouse exists here to help grow and sustain our community. There, every day, our neighbors, as well as the sounds, smells and sights of our street and our neighborhood, pour in.  It is in this “allowing in” and in “sharing” that the Greenhouse will find and establish its identity.
With the El Moore Lodge entering its second year of welcoming guests from far and wide, the windows of our Greenhouse can be said to be windows onto the world as well as our small, wonderful corner of it.
Already in its short, new life, the Greenhouse has become a place of exchanging stories, comparing experiences, learning from one another and growing. Our new community has shown that their Greenhouse can be used to grow more than their veggies. We’ve gathered time after time, windows open, warm wind blowing through the Greenhouse–a fabulous companion to the bubbling conversations that tend to happen here.
IMG_20160923_203209 - Copy
The Greenhouse at the El Moore is the closest space we have to spend time in where we can easily be aware of the street life of our neighborhood. Being within reach of the street works in so many positive ways on the psyche of a people. We are showing our neighbors each day, with our open windows, that they are not to be feared, that they are valued, desired, welcome, claimed. That we want to be close to them and that we are happy to see them.
It has been my experience often to encounter neighbors walking their dogs or their babies in strollers and how easy it is to strike up a conversation when the beauty of the El Moore and its Greenhouse are the loveliest of ice-breakers. I can’t help but think of all the lost, possible conversations, all of the folks who walked Alexandrine over the last 20 years when there was no Greenhouse here whose windows were open onto the street. Whose conversations couldn’t be overheard or joined.
It is with great excitement and anticipation that we embark on making up at least a little for lost time–creating a living, vibrant place. A space for our beautiful El Moore community and our greater community can come together and most importantly, grow together.