Using reclaimed materials at the new retail building – Part 2

Stepping inside the new retail building, the floors are the first thing that you might notice. The wood for the floors comes from 2 deconstructed barns, one from Livingston County, built in 1882, and one from Lapeer County, built in 1914. The wood lives on in our beautiful floors.

Floor of the retail building.

Looking straight ahead upon entering, you’ll notice a staircase made from thin slats of wood. The wood you are seeing is actually leftover material from building the rooftop cabins. The wood is lath that originally was behind the drywall when the El Moore was built. The staircase framing came from a deconstructed house in Detroit.

Reclaimed lath on the staircase.

For the stair treads, window trim and baseboards, we were fortunate to find 90% of the wood from 2 deconstructed barns, one from Dundee, built in the 1880’s, and one from Pinckney, built in 1932. The other 10% is ash that was leftover from the El Moore construction project.

Stair treads at the El Moore retail building.

Our interior doors were made from fallen Maple trees.

Interior door.

The restroom doors are made from repurposed Douglas fir.

Bathroom door.

And finally, a small touch but fun. This old door closer came from Fred’s Key Shop in Detroit, and is about 80 years old. Given the age of the wood in the building, it might be one of the ‘newest’ items in the building!

Door closer from Fred’s Key Shop in Detroit.