El Moore Guests Become El Moore Residents

WayneAndRosemary2The El Moore building, now a sustainably restored and operated residential apartment building and urban lodge, has stood watch over the corner of 2nd Avenue and West Alexandrine Street in Detroit Michigan since 1898. Today, the El Moore Lodge offers guests from near and far a unique range of beautiful accommodations, a sustainable urban guest experience, and unsurpassed customer service right in the heart of Detroit in the walkable and bikeable Midtown/Cass Corridor area near Wayne State University.

Many guests to the El Moore Lodge are actually local residents who desire a non-traditional bed-and-breakfast type stay for a few days, just to experience the diverse offerings of the City of Detroit. Some guests know what will see and do when they stay at the El Moore Lodge, while others are pleasantly surprised.

One couple who stayed at the El Moore Lodge for whole weekends multiple times over the last year or so is Rosemary and Wayne. They had actually been living in the area off and on for the past twelve years and watched with curiosity as the El Moore, which had been vacant for about 20 years, was renovated. Once it opened, they started booking regular stays. Several months later, they officially became the first El Moore guests who turned into El Moore residents! Rosemary had even told a girlfriend: “One day I’m going to live there…” So when the opportunity came up, she and Wayne took advantage of it. Once Rosemary got settled into her El Moore Residence, not only did she feel right at home, she says she felt like she had lived there for a hundred years!  For Rosemary, the energy and spiritual connection of the El Moore Community fits her to a “T,” while it’s growing on Wayne, for whom urban living is a whole new experience.

Rosemary grew up in Detroit and over the years, has continued patronizing and supporting local businesses, including some of her favorites: Sister Pie, Nefertiti Hair Saloon, Hatch, and Source Booksellers. Even though she had moved out of the city for a while, something kept pulling her back. She loves the local fire station, the diversity and mixture of people in the El Moore neighborhood, including the homeless people she meets on her daily walks, and the sirens, which she calls the “music of the city.” Wayne also enjoys the area and all of the people.

Rosemary feels strongly that if changing your living situation is something your spirit wants so much, you’ll be willing to give up other things. For Rosemary and Wayne, living in Detroit and at the El Moore is a true soul connection.