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The life and times of Elvira Moore

You might say we have the same bones, she and I. “We Moores are made of strong stuff,” is what my father used to always say. “Same stuff made this city.” Daddy was right. Harlan Moore lived to be 106, and he had that same flash of fire in his eye right up until the day he died in my apartment, three years after my mother. The two of them actually met when each of them happened to be out for an evening stroll, standing out front of here admiring this beautiful red brick building that was soon to become the El Moore. It must have been quite a conversation because they got married several months later. Several months after that they were among the first to secure an apartment in the El Moore, I think as much for sentimental reasons as anything else. There were only eight apartments in … [Read more...]

The “Hidden Children” of the Cass Corridor: The Cultural Roots Art Camp

The El Moore, a sustainably restored apartment building and lodge originally built in 1898, is located in the Midtown Detroit Neighborhood, which is also still very fondly called the “Cass Corridor” District. Midtown Detroit also includes another one of Detroit’s “Jewels,” the Detroit Cultural Center, which is a nationally designated historic district that contains several museums, libraries, Wayne State University, art galleries, and other historic residential districts. All of the venues, attractions, and developments in the Detroit Cultural Center are within walking and biking distance of the El Moore. Keeping in the theme of the Detroit Cultural Center, an arts activist and teacher, Ms. Makini Ahket, has for the past several years run a “Cultural Roots Art Camp” in the large yard of … [Read more...]

The greenhouse in the summer

We have opened the windows, added a bit of furniture, and invited El Moore residents and lodge guests into the greenhouse for the summer. With all windows fully operational, the room gets a great breeze. Outside, we've begun work on a small container garden area for residents. Check out our newest photos. … [Read more...]

The park building in early July

The retail building in the park adjacent to the El Moore is coming along! … [Read more...]

Where life is art!

No trip to Detroit would be complete without a visit to the Detroit Institute of Arts, our beloved historic art museum. The DIA's encyclopedic collection is one of the country's best, and its commitment to accessibility and art education makes it a true people's institution. The DIA is in walking distance of the El Moore, and we certainly encourage our guests to pay it a visit. But art enthusiasts and culture seekers will be interested to know that there are a number of smaller museums, galleries, and other art spaces that are as close, or closer, and that are also definitely worth checking out. (The official slogan of Midtown Detroit, after all, is "Where Life is Art.") And while the DIA's collection includes some notable work by Detroit artists, these smaller spaces … [Read more...]