Dalgleish Water Tank Reaches Its Final Resting Place

The historic Dalgleish Cadillac water tower tank has finally been installed in its final resting place at the corner of West Alexandrine and Second Avenue. With the help of metal artisans, it will become the entrance to our public gardens. People will actually walk through the tank to enter the gardens.

water tower

It was more than four years ago that the tank and its metal legs were reclaimed from above the Dalgleish Cadillac building as Wayne State made way for its new Bioscience building, which is now completed and open on Woodward north of Warren. The tank itself made its way down Cass on a flatbed truck, with the street lights being lifted with a pole to get the tank under them. Many of the Wayne State students came out to witness the move…it was quite a scene.


Two weeks ago, the Disenos metal artisans from Southwest Detroit cut the two entrance openings in the tank.  They also re-enforced the roof. They then carefully moved the tank onto its new foundation. Eventually the tank will also be getting a reclaimed natural stone base too.

Gates are currently being designed to fit on the outside of the tank. They will open and welcome visitors into the gardens to attend special events, or just sit in the gardens on a lovely day.

This is all part of our commitment to ensure Detroit’s history is part of its future. And that it’s possible to have the people and resources already here be part of creating Detroit’s exciting and sustainable future.

The El Moore Gardens are expected to open in the spring 2017.