Progress in the Park


Retail building from above

If you live or work anywhere near the El Moore, you are aware that big things are happening in the space we’ve designated for the park. Construction teams have been working on constructing the foundation for the 2-story retail building that will reside on the north side of the park. The building will be shaped like a cross. As you can see in the above photo, the center part of the cross will house the basement, with retail and meeting space above. The shorter ends of the cross, on slabs, will be home to take-out food retailers and rest rooms. Pergolas will extend from all 4 sides, with picnic benches underneath and a stage will extend from the south side.

If you are in the area this summer, stop by and see the progress! A beautiful reclaimed brick building will be appearing soon, followed by the development of the park itself. Trees and shrubs are scheduled to go in this fall.

lodge update

Due to the spread of Covid-19, please note that the Lodge is accepting reservations from Michigan residents only at this time. We made this difficult decision with the safety of our community in mind. More details

To book a stay, please call us at 844-356-6673.