Gifting the El Moore

People in the Parlor

It’s always such an amazing learning experience watching how people react to the newly opened El Moore.  You work intently for five years re-imaging what living and visiting the El Moore will be like and then it all comes alive with real people coming through the building and reacting to their El Moore…not ours. Having their stories intertwined with the next chapter of the 118 year old story of the El Moore. Creating the new stories together. You know, I do think they change each other. I can feel the El Moore’s energy swell with each new resident…each new guest. She’s always been gracious. So it’s only natural for her to share her new energy with everyone who comes to visit. Everyone mentions they can feel it too.

Perhaps the most  unexpected reaction has been that people are now giving a stay at the El Moore Lodge as a gift to someone they love. They are placing the El Moore into the middle of the important relationships in their lives. And to think that it was only a couple years ago that the El Moore was pigeon-riddled, abandoned, collapsing…one of the main buildings featured in Detroit Ruins photo galleries.  This transformation is really remarkable.

Thank you to all of you that have added your energy to the El Moore…she’s smiling again.


Before People – visually recalling where it all came from …

The Parlor