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A First Look At The Retail Building

As you may remember,  just adjacent to the El Moore we are developing a park. The first component of the park to be built is the retail building. 'Retail' is actually a misnomer, as it will house much more than retail. We hope to designate some space for learning communities. In addition, the building will have bathrooms and a stage. Pergolas will extend from the sides and will provide coverage for picnic benches. More will be planned for this building throughout the winter, and it will open some time in the summer or fall of 2017. … [Read more...]

The First Year

Anne Cahalan and her cat Wobbles have lived at the El Moore for just over a year. She is an application developer for Detroit Labs, and enjoys baking, knitting, and hanging out in the parlor talking to Lodge guests.  One year and a couple months ago, I was starting to think about moving. My old place was not very conveniently located and was a little too big for just me and my cat rattling around. The space was amazing--a giant loft right on the river, with views of freighters drifting by--but the maintenance was spotty and I could always hear the couple next door arguing in the middle of the night. The only thing I truly loved was my neighbors, the Adragnas, who lived right across the hall. I had met Jeremy when we both worked at the Archdiocese of Detroit, and I remember the day he … [Read more...]

The Yoga Epicenter of Detroit is Right Around the El Moore

The El Moore, a sustainably rehabilitated and operated residential apartment building and urban lodge, is a beautiful oasis located in the heart of Midtown Detroit. Situated at 624 West Alexandrine at 2nd Avenue, the El Moore is close to freeways and the nearly completed M-1 Rail line on Woodward Avenue, but just as importantly, is perfectly situated for walking and biking to the many amenities nearby. When you stay at the El Moore, either as a resident or as a guest, you will experience a perfect balance of serenity and community, but if you’re looking for some additional “Om” there are three excellent yoga studios within just a few blocks. Whatever your preferred style of yoga, all you need to do is grab your mat and head out to one of the beautiful nearby studios. All three studios … [Read more...]

The Dragon of the El Moore

If you know anything at all about castles, then you know you can't have a castle without a dragon. That's just the way it works. Ask around, and you'll see I'm right. Or you can just take a trip to England and ask someone over there. Whole lotta castles in England, and those castles have been there for eons. No such thing as a brand new castle. A real castle has some serious history attached. Which, of course, would explain why there aren't many castles over here on this side of the pond. America ain't old. It's what you might call a kiddy country, and castles ain't for kids. Most castles reach back to a time when history was a lot more fun than it is now. Way back when everything was once-upon-a-time and certain things may or may not have happened as reported, but whatever was reported … [Read more...]

Dalgleish Water Tank Reaches Its Final Resting Place

The historic Dalgleish Cadillac water tower tank has finally been installed in its final resting place at the corner of West Alexandrine and Second Avenue. With the help of metal artisans, it will become the entrance to our public gardens. People will actually walk through the tank to enter the gardens. It was more than four years ago that the tank and its metal legs were reclaimed from above the Dalgleish Cadillac building as Wayne State made way for its new Bioscience building, which is now completed and open on Woodward north of Warren. The tank itself made its way down Cass on a flatbed truck, with the street lights being lifted with a pole to get the tank under them. Many of the Wayne State students came out to witness the was quite a scene. Two weeks ago, the … [Read more...]

Progress in the Park

  If you live or work anywhere near the El Moore, you are aware that big things are happening in the space we've designated for the park. Construction teams have been working on constructing the foundation for the 2-story retail building that will reside on the north side of the park. The building will be shaped like a cross. As you can see in the above photo, the center part of the cross will house the basement, with retail and meeting space above. The shorter ends of the cross, on slabs, will be home to take-out food retailers and rest rooms. Pergolas will extend from all 4 sides, with picnic benches underneath and a stage will extend from the south side. If you are in the area this summer, stop by and see the progress! A beautiful reclaimed brick building will be … [Read more...]

Gifting the El Moore

It's always such an amazing learning experience watching how people react to the newly opened El Moore.  You work intently for five years re-imaging what living and visiting the El Moore will be like and then it all comes alive with real people coming through the building and reacting to their El Moore...not ours. Having their stories intertwined with the next chapter of the 118 year old story of the El Moore. Creating the new stories together. You know, I do think they change each other. I can feel the El Moore's energy swell with each new resident...each new guest. She's always been gracious. So it's only natural for her to share her new energy with everyone who comes to visit. Everyone mentions they can feel it too. Perhaps the most  unexpected reaction has been that people are now … [Read more...]