Walk on, El Moore!

Last year around this time, as construction was wrapping up on the El Moore, Kimberly Williamson and I wrote a four-post series on walkability in this blog. We considered how walkable life at the El Moore would be, looked at the broad benefits of walkable neighborhoods, explored walkability in Detroit more generally, and wrapped up with a reflection on how residents are the heart of sustainable, walkable neighborhoods.

A lot has happened in the year since. The El Moore’s first wave of residents moved in in July, and just a few months later, we saw the opening of the Lodge, which continues to welcome more and more guests from around the region and world. Today, both residents and guests alike are enjoying the benefits of life in our walkable district, running errands, meeting friends, and seeking out special destinations on foot.

Big news? Maybe not in many cities around the country. But here in the Motor City, it’s seismic.

We were thinking about all of this recently when we looked up the El Moore’s Walk Score, a walkability metric that assigns a number grade between 0 and 100 to an address or neighborhood based on an analysis of such factors as walking routes to amenities, population density, block length, and intersection density. Plug in 624 W. Alexandrine and here’s what you get:


How about that? For comparison, consider that Williamsburg, Brooklyn and the Mission District in San Francisco both have a Walk Score of 96, while Chicago’s Edgewater neighborhood rates an 88.

In the years to come, we’d love to see the El Moore’s already-respectable transit and bike scores elevated to excellent ones, too, and watch as more Detroit neighborhoods’ Walk Scores keep climbing, but this kind of change all takes time. For now, we’re proud to say that the El Moore is located in a walker’s paradise — as we hope you’ll come and experience for yourself soon!