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El Moore phone home…

"Tell me more about this ...Detroit..." Deputy Supreme Commander and Captain Vixra 5!, seated in the command navigation module next to Vixra 5?, who had asked the question, waved his five arms back and forth in the commonly understood demonstration of joy and exultation. His three sets of eyes, located at the ends of long branch-like stalks that extended from what appeared to be a forehead glowed a comforting green, then purple. "Seriously?" asked Vixra5?, a look commonly recognized as perplexed amongst the Vixren muddling his otherwise smooth face. That is, the face located on the front of his third head, most commonly used for intra-species communication. The other faces appeared non-committal and somewhat bored. Vixra5! began waving his arms about even more furiously, this time … [Read more...]

Walking Around the El Moore: Goodwells Natural Food Market

Walking distance from the El Moore is a neighborhood organic food store that was founded before organic food stores were a “thing.” That describes the Goodwells Natural Food Store, which has been a staple (pun intended) in the Midtown neighborhood since the year 2000 when “Midtown” was still known as the “Cass Corridor.” Founded by James Wood, who now co-owns the store with his son Jason, Goodwells is one of those “already-here” Black-owned Detroit stores that has survived the good times/bad times/good times again (?) roller coaster without much fanfare and even less acknowledged during Detroit’s Renaissance Part Deux. Goodwell’s is located right next door to the nationally-known Avalon Bread and is part of the bustling corner of Willis and Cass Avenue. Although just a few years ago, … [Read more...]

Walk on, El Moore!

Last year around this time, as construction was wrapping up on the El Moore, Kimberly Williamson and I wrote a four-post series on walkability in this blog. We considered how walkable life at the El Moore would be, looked at the broad benefits of walkable neighborhoods, explored walkability in Detroit more generally, and wrapped up with a reflection on how residents are the heart of sustainable, walkable neighborhoods. A lot has happened in the year since. The El Moore's first wave of residents moved in in July, and just a few months later, we saw the opening of the Lodge, which continues to welcome more and more guests from around the region and world. Today, both residents and guests alike are enjoying the benefits of life in our walkable district, running errands, … [Read more...]