The El Moore Residents Meet the El Moore Lodge Guests


The El Moore, a fully and sustainably restored 1898 residential complex located at 624 W. Alexandrine in Midtown Detroit, includes a unique mixture of long-term leased apartments and short-term accommodations for guests to our wonderful city. Whether you plan to visit Detroit for one night or a couple of weeks, the El Moore Lodge offers you a place to call home that is so much more the usual corporate hotel room.

The El Moore Lodge gives you several choices beautifully appointed rooms that integrate the 19th-century past with the 21-century present: the Rooftop Urban Cabins on the top of the El Moore with a breathtaking view of the cityscape, the Parkview Rooms on the 1st floor right next to the El Moore Parlor, the budget-conscious Gardenview Shared Rooms that harken back to the European hostel concept, and the fully-appointed C.W. Moore Suite for guests staying a week or more and desire the maximum privacy. You can find out more about these options and all of the amenities, including complimentary wi-fi and streaming TV at the El Moore Lodge website.


One of the most unique advantages of staying at the El Moore Lodge is the opportunity to meet, mix, and mingle with the El Moore apartment residents every morning. From 8 – 10 am every morning, a complimentary continental breakfast is prepared for the Lodge guests and hosted by one of the El Moore residents in the El Moore Parlor. During this time, the residents and the guests share food and conversations seated around the fireplace or in the beautiful circular window seat. The residents can answer questions and share the history of Detroit, the El Moore, and Midtown with the guests, and the guests in turn share their experiences about their hometowns and why they are visiting Detroit.

Staying at the El Moore Lodge as either a resident or a guest gives you a chance to experience something very unique in the heart of Detroit: a very personal and intimate adventure in urban sustainable living.