Walking Around the El Moore: Detroit Clothing Circle

Photo Credit: Daily Detroit. Detroit Clothing Circle Open 12-7 Tues - Sun 3900 Second Avenue, Detroit MI 48201 (586) 907-3390
Photo Credit: Daily Detroit.
Detroit Clothing Circle
Open 12-7 Tues – Sun
3980 Second Avenue, Detroit MI 48201
(313) 877-1370

The Midtown District of Detroit, located near Wayne State University, is known for its beautiful historic homes and multi-unit buildings, some of them dating back to the 19th century. Looking forward, Midtown and its businesses and residents are working hard to make Midtown and the surrounding Cass Corridor neighborhood into a walkable community.

The El Moore, which is located on the corner of 2nd Avenue and West Alexandrine, is one of those 19th century historic buildings that has been beautifully restored as a model of urban sustainable living. The residents of the El Moore are enjoying more and more opportunities to walk and bike to local entertainment and cultural venues and to a variety of retail outlets. One of those very unique retail establishments is the Detroit Clothing Circle, an unusual clothing store specializing in affordable reclaimed and recycled clothing. The Detroit Clothing Circle is housed in a beautiful restored historic home, and is within walking distance of most residents of Midtown.

One of the goals of owner Michael Dedenbach is to offer the men and women shoppers who live and work in Midtown an alternative to a half-hour drive out to the suburbs or shopping online to find affordable, yet trendy clothes. Detroit Clothing Circle is located at 3980 Second Avenue, in a beautifully restored Victorian-style home that was remodeled by Dedenbach himself (with help from family and friends); he also handpicks all of the individual items of clothing and accessories available at the store.

Dedenbach started his retail business journey selling clothes to friends and through his Etsy online store and his Instagram social media outlet. Those ventures grew so successful, Dedenbach decided to open an actual brick and mortar store, and Detroit Clothing Circle opened its doors in September, 2015. The store used recycled and locally-sourced materials during its reconstruction. Similarly, Dedenbach stocks his store with clothing procured from local resale shops and Detroit Clothing Circle also works with local designers to add to his eclectic offerings.

Walkable neighborhood, historic store, affordable clothing. Detroit Clothing Circle fits right with Midtown and the El Moore. Welcome, neighbor!