My First 150 Days and Beyond at the El Moore

This was supposed to be about my first 90 days at the El Moore, but I was too busy enjoying all the summer activities, since I’ve moved to the El Moore, that I forgot to write this 90 days ago. Thus far, living here has been an experience that leaves me feeling absolutely delighted that I made the right decision in making this my home. Because it is home. Don’t miss that big house at all. I made a trip back to the old neighborhood recently and it felt alien to me. I couldn’t wait to get “back home.” I’m making new memories here that I couldn’t have imagined.


My living space just about takes care of itself and gives me the opportunity to enjoy my environment and surroundings. It’s so easy to care for the space that maintaining it is a breeze, and leaves time for just enjoying and living in the space. I love my new home for the lifestyle that it provides and lets me lead.

I’m a Slow Roller, riding my bike through neighborhoods that I didn’t know existed. Had heard of the Heidelberg Project and now have actually visited it on one of our rides…awesome. Have gone through the back streets of Eastern Market, ridden Belle Isle, Lafayette Park, the entire Riverwalk and the Dequindre Cut and east side neighborhoods. I’ve also gotten into the habit of just riding my bike or just walking in my new neighborhood, amazed at the different shops and restaurants that are so close by. Watching the construction and rehabbing progress of houses and buildings that is going on is fascinating. It feels wonderful to be in an area where things are being restored and the neighborhood renewed. And we’re in the middle of it!

My grandson and I have visited the water feature at Mt. Elliott Park, the Outdoor Adventure Center, the carousel, and the Reading is Fun Program hosted by the Detroit Library, all on the Riverfront. We visit the library once a month and plan to broaden our horizons to the museums and Science Center once the weather keeps us indoors. My son visits more often and is involved in activities in the Midtown, New Center and Downtown areas. My BFF, who lives one block over at the Coronado, and I try a new restaurant in the neighborhood at least once  a month.

These may seem like small things to some people, but I mention them because I don’t know that I would have experienced all of this had I not been living at the El Moore.  Just being so close to all this ongoing activity makes it so appealing and I’m thoroughly enjoying my “adventures.”

As the saying goes, “there’s no place like home.”