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Views of the Lodge – December 23, 2015

The Lodge rooms open December 31st, and final preparations are giving the rooms a finished feel. In addition to the rooftop cabins, we have 5 rooms on the main floor and 2 hostel rooms in the basement. Today I took photos of the 4 rooftop cabin rooms and the rooms on the main floor. They are labeled according to name, so let me identify each room: Main floor: The Cass The Benedict The Kasem The Varney The C.W. Moore Rooftop cabin rooms: Twilight Starlight Moonbeam Sunrise … [Read more...]

My First 150 Days and Beyond at the El Moore

This was supposed to be about my first 90 days at the El Moore, but I was too busy enjoying all the summer activities, since I've moved to the El Moore, that I forgot to write this 90 days ago. Thus far, living here has been an experience that leaves me feeling absolutely delighted that I made the right decision in making this my home. Because it is home. Don't miss that big house at all. I made a trip back to the old neighborhood recently and it felt alien to me. I couldn't wait to get "back home." I'm making new memories here that I couldn't have imagined. My living space just about takes care of itself and gives me the opportunity to enjoy my environment and surroundings. It's so easy to care for the space that maintaining it is a breeze, and leaves time for just enjoying … [Read more...]

William C. Boydell and the development of Detroit industry

Adjoined to the venerable Cass Café is another relic from the area's Gilded Age halcyon days. It is the home of William C. Boydell, one half of the Boydell Brothers. Born in Stafford, England in 1849, the Boydell family relocated to London, Ontario before finally settling in Detroit five years later. In 1876, William and older brother John formed the Boydell Brothers White Lead & Color Works, manufacturers of paints, leads, zincs, brushes and painters' supplies. William served as vice-president. During this time, Detroit was beginning to come into its own as an industrial powerhouse. Long before the automobile, Detroit was home to a variety of industries, including stove making, for which it became the "Stove Capital of the World" and tobacco, for which it was known as "The Tampa of … [Read more...]