Halloween Returns to the El Moore

Now that the El Moore in Midtown Detroit has come back to life, opening its doors to residents for the first time in many years, we are creating ways we can come together as a community. I am Karen Batchelor, one of a small group of people honored to call the El Moore –


As we settle into our sustainable lifestyles in this historic building, we have had breakfast together, happy hour on occasion, and last week – our first Halloween gathering. Probably the first Halloween anything at the El Moore in decades.

We began our spooky celebrations with a pumpkin carving several days before Halloween. You should have seen our lobby transformed into an efficient assembly line of scooping, designing, carving, laughing and all of us just plain having fun –


Well, actually you can see what happened, because I snapped a few photos of our Halloween festivities, from the pumpkin carving to the party on Halloween night. Take a few minutes to see the El Moore community in action in the slideshow below:

A final highlight of our celebration was this special pumpkin we carved with the El Moore logo. I’m betting this creation will become one of our new traditions.

El Moore pumpkin

Karen Batchelor is a resident of the historic El Moore in Midtown Detroit.  Moving here was –  and continues to be Karen’s big adventure in innovative and sustainable urban living in her 547 square foot “Batchelor Pad.”