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Rooftop Cabin Beds/Planters/Bike Shed

All 4 of the rooftop cabin beds, made from the lathe that came from behind the plaster walls, are now installed. The beds were designed and handcrafted by Chad Dickinson of Dickinson by Design, and they are truly works of art. Soon fabric will be added to partitions on the headboards and of course mattresses and bedding. Take a look, also, at the planters that are outside of the cabins, on the decks. On the ground, around the corner from the elevator tower, is our new bike shed. It's spacious enough to hold a couple dozen bikes. Here are the pictures from this week's progress. … [Read more...]

The first and last dance

“Try not to be seen. But if, in a particular circumstance, such a thing cannot be helped, do all you can to keep the duration brief. The same as you do at the residence. To be asked to serve at the formal opening of the parlor is quite an honor, and you should know I put in quite a few good words on your behalf with the hosts. If you do a good job, there will be something extra in it for you at the end of the evening. Of that you may be certain.” Susan smiled stiffly, then nodded, acknowledging that she understood Mr. Chambers’ directions and what was expected of her. The parlor event was expected to be quite the affair, attracting not only the esteemed residents of the El Moore, but also well-monied guests from throughout Detroit, the type who expected nothing but the best. Susan … [Read more...]

Skies Over the El Moore

There's so much development going on in Midtown Detroit that you may never think to look beyond the exciting hustle and bustle around the El Moore. But if you stop, take a minute and just raise your chin up a click or two, I guarantee you'll be shocked by the amazing beautiful skies that often hang over our ever-evolving neighborhood. Here's some of what I see from my wonderful little apartment with a view: Karen Batchelor is a resident of the historic El Moore in Midtown Detroit.  Moving here was -  and continues to be Karen's big adventure in innovative and sustainable urban living in her 547 square foot "Batchelor Pad". … [Read more...]

The State of Things in early November, 2015

All of the residents have settled in for a few months now, so we have been turning our attention to the next component of the El Moore, the Lodge. The Lodge is comprised of nightly-rental rooms, 11 in all. Four reside on the roof, five are on the first floor, and two are shared space in the basement. We have purchased beds for our first-floor rooms and have begun to assemble our mattresses and box springs. We have also been collecting desks, nightstands and chairs from various sources for the rooms. Carpets are down, lamps and clocks have been purchased, shower curtains are up, and the rooms are developing a cozy intimacy. Outside, we've been working on the bicycle shed for our residents. Our rooms will be available beginning on December 26th, 2015. Please see our Reservations page for … [Read more...]

Halloween Returns to the El Moore

Now that the El Moore in Midtown Detroit has come back to life, opening its doors to residents for the first time in many years, we are creating ways we can come together as a community. I am Karen Batchelor, one of a small group of people honored to call the El Moore - Home. As we settle into our sustainable lifestyles in this historic building, we have had breakfast together, happy hour on occasion, and last week - our first Halloween gathering. Probably the first Halloween anything at the El Moore in decades. We began our spooky celebrations with a pumpkin carving several days before Halloween. You should have seen our lobby transformed into an efficient assembly line of scooping, designing, carving, laughing and all of us just plain having fun - Together. Well, actually you can … [Read more...]

What’s in a Sign?

You’ve seen it: the Sign. All through the renovation of the 1898 El Moore urban living project on the corner of 2nd Avenue and West Alexandrine, the seemingly well-worn Sign has been there, saying to all who pass: “Welcome to Midtown.” The Sign was there before the work on the El Moore began; it was there during the twenty years the El Moore building was vacant. But where did the Sign come from? What else has the Sign seen from its spot at the edge of Midtown Detroit? What is “Midtown” anyway? What happened to the “Cass Corridor?” Really, what past and future “signs” are in that Sign? Those of us who have been around Detroit long enough remember the area of Detroit from Cass Park to the south to Wayne State University to the north, along Cass Avenue (just one block east of the El Moore), … [Read more...]