Deep Porch Sitting

Since moving to the El Moore, I’ve been sitting on my porch most mornings with my coffee and laptop. I’ve made it a comfortable place to sit with my mom’s wrought iron furniture and planted marigolds in pots for an added touch of color. The weather has been so beautiful and begs for that deep porch sitting. I have a good view of Second Avenue, the Community Garden, and the Green Alley. My second floor porch has also become perfect for an experience I had not expected.

My porch sitting has become a forum for social interaction with people passing by. I think the building itself draws them there. Then they see the bright colors of my porch furniture and flowers and some are surprised to see me sitting there when I greet them.

Curiosity draws people to the building because of its grand look. Comments and questions always follow. They range from, “Such a beautiful building!” to questions about the supports that the porches sit on or the cistern on the side of the building. Sunday passersby inquire about vacancies and I refer them to the website. They’re most curious about what sits atop the El Moore, the rooftop cabins. People inquire about living here and how I like living here. There’s been a lot of picture taking as well.

Harriet & grandson

My grandson and I play games, read books, eat ice cream, act silly and have our “serious” talks on my porch.  A good glass of wine with friends has also become an activity that lures me to this space. I love the fact that no matter what time it is, I can open my back door and go sit on my porch. I’ve fallen asleep out there on a few occasions, which shows me just how comfortable I am here. Via the Green Alley, I’ve met my neighbors, a couple that live in the house next to the community garden, as well as a mom and her baby that live in the house two doors over.

My porch sitting has taken me back to the days when porches were an extension of the living room. Porch swings, rocking chairs and patio furniture invited activities such as eating watermelon, making homemade ice cream, playing jacks, jumping rope, and enjoying friends and family fun. It’s how you got to know the people that lived in your neighborhood as people walked by…children playing on the sidewalk, riding your bike through the neighborhood, watering the lawn, washing the car, planting gardens and flowers. Sorry, I got carried away!

There’s nothing like my deep porch sitting.  Such a rewarding and peaceful pastime.