The Big Move


When I made the decision to finally give into the fact that I no longer needed a 3-bedroom colonial with a basement, garage and all that goes with home ownership, it occurred to me that I still wanted to be in the city. The suburbs give me the feeling of isolation and I would need to drive just to get a loaf of bread or milk. However, safety was also a very important factor.

Alexandrine and Second is not a location that I would have thought that I would be living. Yet here I am, at the El Moore Apartments, on that very corner for the past month. It was in a conversation with the Green Garage about my house that brought the El Moore to light. It has provided the things that I wanted and some I didn’t know I needed.

My two bedroom apartment is one of 12 permanent residences here at the El Moore and provides all the space I need at 524 square feet. I feel safe with the measures that are in place here. I know all my neighbors by name, including their children and pets. I am in close proximity to my grandson, who lives in Windsor, and visits me every other weekend. My BFF lives a block away in the Coronado at Second and Selden. The people who work in and around the El Moore are also a source of the feeling that all is being taken care of for the benefit of its residents. I can walk my neighborhood to a variety of stores, restaurants, museums, libraries, and other venues.

It’s great that the people who visit are as enamored of the building and apartment as I am. The bathroom seems to hold a special fascination for all my visitors. The kitchen, original hardwood floors and the doors are my favorites. Oh, and I forgot to mention the huge windows with their ample sills. It’s a residence that really stands out in the neighborhood. Everyone who traverses the Green Alley has nothing but positive comments when I’m sitting out on my deck. It makes me very proud to live here.

I am still in awe whenever I come through the gate of the building that I actually live here and how easily I transitioned to my new space. Love it!