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WSU Police Chief Anthony Holt, it’s about the community Part 2

      The selection of Anthony Holt to become the Wayne State University Chief of Police was hardly something that just kind of happened. Because anyone who knows anything about the steady progress of Midtown over the years knows that there has always been somewhat of a plan, a method to the metamorphosis. Maybe it wasn’t all sketched out from beginning to end, but those who were determined for the Cass Corridor to be transformed into what it is today have been focused on this eventuality for decades, and the selection of Holt, who by any measure has been a remarkable success story since his appointment in 2008, was clearly part of the blueprint for Midtown’s continued success. Because it’s impossible to create a successful neighborhood if it is not perceived … [Read more...]

Parlor Party – Wednesday, July 8, 2015

We officially opened our parlor, a combination living and reception room, this Wednesday. Here are a few photos from the event. … [Read more...]

Robert Sestok’s City Sculpture park opens this weekend

Big news out of the Cass Corridor this week: noted artist and longtime resident Robert Sestok is opening City Sculpture, his new sculpture park, on Friday night -- and it's located just a stone's throw from the El Moore. Bob knows a thing or two about the Cass Corridor (as Keith Owens discovered when he profiled him in this blog last winter). The 68 year old Detroit artist has lived and worked in the neighborhood since 1967, when he moved into the old convention hall that once stretched from Woodward to Cass between Canfield and Prentis. He moved all around the neighborhood after that, living and working with a number of the artists retrospectively associated with the Cass Corridor art movement, until he bought and renovated a house near 4th and Alexandrine in 1982. He has lived … [Read more...]

Walk with us, part 4 – It’s about You!

This is the fourth and final post in a four-part series co-authored by Kimberly Williamson and Matthew Piper exploring walkability and the El Moore. Recently, on a tour of several apartment communities, I kept hearing the term “walkable” being used when features such as sidewalks (which really led to nowhere interesting) and green spaces (in the middle of parking lots) were highlighted. This was unfortunate, in that it essentially reduced walkability to infrastructure. I say this because the most fundamental feature of what is considered a walkable neighborhood was missing…people! There was not one person visible in what was being touted as a walkable space. Walkability is a big part of what is driving development around the country, but at the end of … [Read more...]

“Detroit eyesore turned into green living apartments”

We're so grateful to have been the subject of a great feature article by John Gallagher in this week's Detroit Free Press. You can read the article, watch a couple short videos, and peruse the photo gallery (which includes some fantastic shots of residents' living spaces) here.   … [Read more...]

WSU Police Chief Anthony Holt, it’s about the community

To Chief Anthony Holt, it’s relatively simple; an effective police force must be an integral part of the community. Using the best technology available is a critical part of understanding and diagnosing the dynamics of a community, and Holt emphasizes that having detailed and accurate data has played an indispensable role in helping his department keep Wayne State University and the surrounding Midtown community a relatively safe place to live and work. But the most important part of good policing is good police officers, and the most effective police officer is a well-educated police officer. “To work in this department, you have to have a Bachelor’s degree and be academically eligible for a Masters degree. Eighty percent [of his officers] have a Master’s degree. We had … [Read more...]