The Maid’s Tale


Jonathan Chambers is a nice enough man, I suppose. Not as bad as some, not as good as others. He is fine. Doesn’t raise his voice to me, or his hand.  Most importantly, his payments to me, such as they are, are given regularly. That is appreciated. Since my arrival here at the El Moore to begin my work for Mr. Chambers, I have spoken to some of the other help and not all are so fortunate.

Quite frankly, I find it best not to concern myself with the decency of my employers so long as their lack of it does not interfere with my duties or causes other…issues. It is not for me to judge. That’s God’s work. I only do my work, looking forward to the end of the day when I sometimes am able to write a letter to my family. But that is not often. Most times I am so tired from the day’s chores that I have fallen asleep before my hand can even reach my paper. There is also the issue of the writing pen, because I do not have one of my own and must always ask Mr. Chambers if I might use one of his. He has never denied my request, but I always know I am intruding and do not like that feeling.

As for my living quarters, I confess they are somewhat better than I expected, although a bit small. But clean. And a clean room that I have all to myself is a good thing. And there is a lock from the inside, which I was thankful to notice that Mr. Chambers allowed to remain in place. Before I had grown old enough to learn my way in the world, there were times  with other employers when such considerations were not taken, and I was forced…

The hardest thing, of course, was being a woman alone. That can be a terrible thing. But then you learn to adjust. We always learn to adjust.

But Mr. Chambers comes from a good family, and sometimes that makes a difference. I believe I heard him mention New York City. I have never been there. I hear they have beautiful buildings there, some of them quite large and grand.

From what I can see the El Moore is a beautiful building as well. The turret at the top is a favorite of mine. I’m not quite sure why, it just appeals to me. The wealthy always make such things nice for themselves, which I suppose is only natural.