Construction Update – Week of March 23rd, 2015

We have some photos this week of probably the most beautiful architectural element that will be installed at the El Moore, the balcony railings. All but one of the original railings were destroyed by inept deconstruction practices. One railing, however, was saved, even though it was in pieces. It gave us enough material to work with, and we repaired it and commissioned 3 other duplicate railings to be made to replace those lost. The results are astounding. Take a look at these early photos that were taken at The Smith Shop, where they were constructed by a talented and dedicated crew.

Also this week, many finishing touches are being added to the residences and hostel rooms. An original fireplace mantel (the only one left of 16) has been added to the parlor. The elevator is close to operating, and the rooftop cabins need nothing more than furniture.

Take a look at this week’s photos.